Career and College Readiness Coordinator, North Community High School
Anthony Villagrana headshot

Anthony (he/him/his) brings years of experience working in education and advising to Achieve Twin Cities. He loves working with young people and building relationships with professionals in an effort to best support students in their high school and post-secondary journeys.

Anthony has worked with youth for over five years as has taught in several schools and programs around the Twin Cities. His love for education and advising stems from his appreciation for learning and his desire to be a resource for youth. He cites career readiness programs and support systems that have helped him as his motivation to help others achieve their goals and plan for their future.

A first-generation college graduate, Anthony earned his B.A. from Augsburg University. He has lived in the Twin Cities his whole life and currently resides in Minneapolis. In his free time, Anthony enjoys reading, going to sporting events, and traveling with family and friends.

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