May 21 2021

Strategic Plan Refresh Strengthens Our Commitment to Anti-Racism and Equity

Strategic plan flyer

This spring several members of the AchieveMpls staff and board joined community partners for a deep dive into our 2017 strategic plan, reviewing and updating the plan to clarify our program priorities and better address the changing needs of our community.

Led by Meredith Fox from Portage Partners, a mission-driven and anti-racist consulting group, participants clarified and revised Achieve’s mission, vision, values and goals to lay the groundwork for upcoming strategic project planning. 

“This process provided a great opportunity to look at changes in our environment and engage our board, staff and other key stakeholders in key questions facing AchieveMpls,” says CEO Danielle Grant.

“Our revised strategic plan strengthens our public commitment to being an anti-racist, equity-driven and youth-centered organization, and will be an invaluable tool in our day-to-day priorities, decision-making and problem solving. It also helps ensure that we are good stewards of our programs and resources and accountable to our students and broader community.”

Here are our revised mission, vision, values and goals:

Mission: We rally community support and deliver best-in-class programs to inspire and equip Minneapolis and Saint Paul young people for careers, college and life.

Vision: Our young people have full and equitable access to postsecondary education and career opportunities, creating a more just and vibrant community.

Values: We are...

  • Anti-racist: In all of our work we are intentional and unwavering about naming and dismantling structural racism and other forms of bias.
  • Equity-driven: We prioritize services for our students with the greatest needs, especially those who are systemically oppressed.
  • Youth-centered: Our young people are talented, capable and ready to learn; we meet them where they are and put them at the center of everything we do.
  • Dedicated to career and college readiness: We believe in the power of career and postsecondary readiness to enable young people to imagine and live rewarding lives.
  • Effective: We seek to be best in class at everything we do, fostering innovation, data-driven decision-making and accountability to our stakeholders.
  • Strategic partners: We need to do this work together. Public and private collaboration and support is critical for success.
  • Good stewards: We are resourceful and tenacious in maximizing our stakeholders’ time, talent and treasure.
  • A great place to work: We achieve our mission through our dedicated and talented team. We continually seek ways to support, engage with and be accountable to the people in our organization.


  • Strengthen and continually refine our youth programming portfolio.
  • Cultivate an engaged community that is committed to our mission and vision.
  • Build a nourishing and inclusive organizational culture.
  • Ensure financial sustainability.

Download our new 2021-25 strategic plan flyer