September 26 2018

Josie Morrow named 2018 Mentor of the Year

The most important factor in a young person's success is a consistent relationship with a caring adult. Mentors are an integral part of our programs and this annual award recognizes outstanding mentorship by an AchieveMpls volunteer.

Josie Morrow

As senior recruiter for Hennepin Healthcare human resources, Josie Morrow has a lot of responsibilities. Fortunately for Minneapolis students, one of these is being a champion for the Step Up youth employment program at her organization. Josie manages hiring Step Up interns at Hennepin Healthcare and organizes various departments to host interns for the summer and get excited about working with these young people. She also sets up special professional development opportunities, including behind-the-scenes tours and lunch meetings with Hennepin Healthcare top leadership, who love connecting with interns and hearing their aspirations. 

“Over the years, we have had some very talented and very inquisitive Step Up interns,” says Josie. “We try as much as possible to tailor their experiences to their interests. Many interns don’t know about all the exciting careers in healthcare, and we open their eyes to a whole new experience.” 

Josie is also in her fifth year as an AchieveMpls Graduation Coach, providing personalized support to students in building the skills and confidence they need to be successful in high school and beyond. This year she is working with 9th grade students at Roosevelt, where she is helping them focus on goal setting, relationship-building and early college and career awareness. Josie is a patient, authentic and caring coach who exemplifies the qualities we prize in our volunteers. Our tremendous congratulations and thanks to her!

Josie received her Mentor of the Year Award at our Evening of Excellence dinner on October 4.