MPS Funds & Awards

As the nonprofit foundation for Minneapolis Public Schools, we manage school funds, educator mini-grants and college scholarships. Learn how you can make a donation or access these funds.

MPS School and Department Funds

About School and Department Funds

As the nonprofit foundation for Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), Achieve Twin Cities manages a dedicated fund for each MPS school and department that has been approved by the district. We receive private donations for these funds and make approved payments and reimbursements for special projects and activities.

100% of donations go to the MPS fund designated by the donor. Achieve does not take administrative fees on contributions, but does pass along credit card processing and stock transfer fees.

MPS funds Overview

Donors: Make a gift to MPS

Online Gifts
Make a secure on-line gift to a MPS school or department, designating the name of the school or department in the donation form. 

Make your check payable to Achieve Twin Cities and be sure to include the school or department designation. Mail to Achieve Twin Cities, 2829 University Ave SE, Suite 850, Minneapolis, MN 55414.

Gifts of stock, planned gifts or other donation options
Reach out to the Achieve development team for guidance on making other kinds of gifts to MPS.

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MPS Staff: Make a deposit or withdrawal from your fund

MPS staff can make deposits into their school or department fund and access funds for payment or reimbursement with proper MPS authorization.

Learn how to deposit donations, access funds, and gather required documentation and approvals.

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Mini-Grants and Awards for MPS Educators and Classrooms

About Mini-Grants and Awards

Achieve administers three pools of small grants to support educator professional development opportunities, classroom activities and field trip transportation.

These include Links to Learning grants, Minneapolis Educator Leadership Awards and other small grants that are funded by community donations.

MPS staff: Minneapolis Educator Leadership Awards

Minneapolis Educator Leadership Awards (MELA) provide financial support to MPS teachers, principals, paraprofessionals and support staff in designing creative learning opportunities for students. A program of the John & Denise Graves Foundation and administered by Achieve Twin Cities, the MELA nomination and selection process is entirely teacher-driven. In 2022, $99,500 in MELA grants were awarded to 11 recipients.

Nominations for 2023 MELA awards are now open. All nominations are due January 27.

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MPS staff: Links to Learning Grants

Achieve manages Assistance League of Minneapolis/St. Paul Links to Learning grants, which award up to $750 for MPS classroom projects, field trips and other activities. In the 2021-22 school year, 65 recipients received almost $44,000.

Applications for the 2022-23 school year are now closed.

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MPS staff: Other Mini-Grants for Educators and Classrooms

Achieve Twin Cities also manages some small grants for educators and classrooms that are funded by community donations, Achieve discretionary funds and MPS staff through the We Give campaign. Grant availability varies by year.

Reach out to our staff for more information on these grants and how to apply.

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MPS College Scholarships

About MPS College Scholarships

Achieve Twin Cities partners with Minneapolis Public Schools to administer and award over 70 college scholarships each year to MPS seniors and recent graduates for postsecondary education. Each year, Achieve awards over 70 college scholarships totaling more than $170,000.

* Please note that Achieve Twin Cities does not award scholarships for students in Saint Paul Public Schools.

MPS students: Apply for a scholarship

Contact our Career & College Center coordinators or counselors at your MPS high school for more information. They manage all questions and applications for these scholarships.

* Please note that Achieve Twin Cities does not award scholarships for students in Saint Paul Public Schools.

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MPS graduates: Renew your Lillian J. Lindsten Scholarship

If you received a Lillian J. Lindsten renewable scholarship, reach out to our Achieve Twin Cities main office team to find out about next steps.

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Donors: How to fund a new scholarship

The Achieve Twin Cities development team welcomes the opportunity to work with you to support current scholarships or create new opportunities for MPS students.

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