July 10 2023

Achieve promotes six senior staff to support organizational growth

Six Achieve staff members who were recently promoted

Achieve Twin Cities has experienced tremendous organizational growth over the past three years, with significant expansion in Saint Paul Public Schools, additional staff capacity in Minneapolis Public Schools, the creation of the new Achieve College Internships Program and new staff soon to be hired for external engagement and development. 

To provide additional support for our programmatic growth and strengthen capacity for organizational strategy, Achieve has promoted six senior staff to new positions. They include:  

  • Jeremiah Brown, new vice president of partnerships and internships
  • Caitlyn Cole, new director of career and college readiness
  • Kendra Engels, new vice president of organizational strategy
  • Jennifer McGee, new vice president of advancement
  • Megan Swoboda, new vice president of finance and operations
  • Emily Westerlund, new director of monitoring and evaluation

Our congratulations to these six staff members, with thanks for their tremendous skill and dedication as we work together for a bright future for Achieve and the students we serve.

Meet the Achieve Twin Cities team.