Step Up Internships

Step Up connects young people in Minneapolis with paid career experiences you can't find anywhere else. Through Step Up you can earn money, get real job experience, gain confidence and explore great careers.

Summer 2024 applications are now closed.

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An intern is standing with arms crossed, smiling at the camera.

Step Up offers

paid internships

with many great employers

in the Twin Cities!

What is Step Up?

Step Up is for Minneapolis youth who are 14-21 years old. This summer, Step Up is once again offering paid internships with many great employers in the Twin Cities!

After you complete the application and are accepted to the program, you'll first complete work readiness training to learn new skills and help us to get to know your interests and strengths. Then you’ll do a paid summer internship.

Throughout the summer you’ll work with adult professionals for support and to learn what it takes to succeed.

Summer 2024 applications are now closed. Please check back in December for our 2025 application.

Check out these great Step Up internships!

Step Up intern at Baby's Space working with toddler

Watch our Step Up video!

One intern is using a drill on a wooden artifact, while another intern watches. They are both in a tool shop and wearing blue hardhats.

MN Trades Academy

An intern is wearing blue scrubs and wearing a hairnet. She is standing in a medical room.

M Health Fairview

Intern is standing with arms crossed to the left of supervisor. They are smiling and standing next to an Xcel Energy sign.

Xcel Energy

Intern is in a swimming pool wearing a black swim cap, smiling. He is facing a young swim student who is coming toward them.

Minneapolis Public Schools Aquatics

An intern is looking at the camera as he is working with cables, a laptop, and other technology.

Free Geek Twin Cities

Intern is sitting at a preschool table. She is smiling and engaging with a toddler during a meal, while another toddler is also at the table.

Baby Space

An intern is sitting at a table in an office setting, wearing a button shirt. He is facing his adult mentor, who is wearing a blazer.

Minneapolis Regional Chamber

Two interns are wearing bright green T-shirts. They are standing outside with trees in the background.

Tree Trust

An intern is wearing a pink apron, and is working with colorful tiles at a workshop.

Mercury Mosaics

An intern is smiling at the camera. They are wearing headphones, and are standing next to a microphone, soundboard and computer.


An intern standing at a park, smiling at the camera, pointing to a sign that says Stewart Park.

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

An intern is standing in a lab to the right of their supervisor. They are both wearing white lab coats.

University of Minnesota

A supervisor is standing next to their interns; they are both wearing masks. In the background there is a sign that says Children’s Minnesota.

Children's Minnesota

An intern is sitting on a chair in front of a white screen in a video recording studio.


An intern is wearing a sweater and sitting with an open laptop in a lobby chair.

Minneapolis Foundation

Why should I do Step Up?

Kickstart your career.

Power your future with career-oriented jobs and exploration opportunities available only to Step Up interns. Meet people who can connect you to future jobs in business, healthcare, the arts and many other fields.

Paid summer internships.

Step Up helps you learn about great new careers and the training and education you need to pursue them.

Success starts with Step Up.

Get your foot in the door, discover new careers and show people what you’re capable of. You'll learn how to develop your resume and build on your strengths.

Check out these great places to work.

Real jobs. Real work. Real money.

Explore careers with a fun, flexible and well-paying summer internships through Step Up. Each summer, Step Up participants collectively earn $3 million in wages.

Step Up is for you.

Step Up offers a variety of part-time and full-time opportunities!

Build your network.

Through Step Up, you'll connect with caring adult professionals who can help you get on the path to a great career. 

How does Step Up work?



Summer 2024 applications are now closed. Please check back in December for our 2025 application.


Get trained.

Participate in online Work Readiness Training to build your resume, explore careers and prepare for interviews.


Attend events.

Complete your internship eligibility by attending a virtual Intake Conversation and an in-person Mock Interview (level 2 only).



Get matched!

Attend our Placement Day (level 1) or Launch Day (level 2) to receive your placement and complete your training.



Start your internship.

Step Up internships run up to eight weeks long, beginning June 24 and ending by August 16.


Still have questions?

Group of interns

Who can participate in Step Up?

Step Up is open to Minneapolis residents between the ages of 14 and 21 (by June 20, 2024) who are eligible to work in the US and are not yet enrolled in college (PSEO is ok). You must have a home address in the city of Minneapolis.

ONE or more of the following must ALSO apply:

  • Meet family income guidelines
  • You are a student with a disability
  • You have an IEP or 504 plan
  • You are an English Language Learner
  • You are pregnant or parenting
  • You are experiencing homelessness or high mobility
  • You are involved in the foster care system
  • You have been involved in the justice system

Learn more about Step Up eligibility.

Summer 2024 applications are now closed. Please check back in December for our 2025 application.

"Thank you so much for this Step Up experience. I gained so much knowledge and enjoyed the atmosphere where I worked this summer. My supervisor and co-workers have been so helpful with college and goal-setting tips. I genuinely appreciated the kindness of everyone I worked with."

Lauryn, Step Up intern at Fairview Health Services

Although the majority of eligible participants are placed, Step Up internships are not guaranteed. If you are eligible and not matched to an internship, you will be invited to participate in the paid Online Career Exploration Program.

Three students sitting together at a classroom table and laughing.

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