College Internships Coordinator
Brenda Palo

Brenda brings a broad range of learner-centered experiences to her work with the College Internships Program at Achieve Twin Cities. She has taught college courses in several subjects while a graduate student in literary theory, languages, and short fiction; tutored students at a university writing center; volunteered as an ESL instructor and cultural coach to new immigrants; and been an adult volunteer with the Girl Scouts. She loves all things language, literature, and learning, and especially values helping all learners to follow their self-inspired pathways forward.

Prior to joining Achieve Twin Cities, Brenda worked with UpTurnships, coaching college internship candidates and helping with employer outreach and strategic planning. She has also been a managing editor in educational publishing, developing digital and print college courses for programs in healthcare careers, cultural awareness, and computer applications.

Brenda completed her doctoral coursework and exams as well as earning her M.A. in comparative literature at UNC Chapel Hill. She completed her B.S. in biology at UCLA, including a track-changing year of study abroad at Sussex University in England. A proud native of Eveleth, MN, Brenda frequently visits family “Up North” near the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame and loves to bake, run and hike, take on tailoring gigs, practice foreign languages, watch foreign films, and LOL when reading Richard Brautigan stories.