March 14 2022

Meet Beebee Qureshi, our new Monitoring and Evaluation Data Specialist

Picture of Beebee smiling at the camera

Achieve is deeply committed to equity and accountability in our career and college readiness programs, and we incorporate ongoing program evaluation to improve these programs and strengthen our support for students. We've recently expanded our ability to do this work by welcoming a new monitoring and evaluation data specialist, Beebee Qureshi.

Beebee came to Achieve from Regions Hospital, where she worked as a patient care assistant. Her love for IT work prompted her to switch her focus to electronic health records.

We asked Beebee to reflect back on her time as a student, share some favorite memories and talk about her work so far at Achieve.

What’s your best memory from high school?

I loved competing at speech tournaments on the weekends. Wearing high heels and a suit from six in the morning to eight o'clock at night was not as much fun, but the competitions themselves were really great!

If you could “hang out” with one of your K-12 teachers as an adult, who would they be and why?

My third grade homeroom teacher was from Turkey. Her outfits and hijab styles were super stylish and elegant. I would love to get some styling tips from her now!

What was your favorite activity during your high school summer breaks?

Going on camping trips with my family. I loved going to different state parks and generally enjoying the outdoors.

What’s some good advice you received as a young person that has stuck with you?

When life would get overwhelming, my dad would always urge me to step back and take a retrospective moment. He would remind me of how important it was to give myself credit for how far I had come and then concentrate on setting goals I could achieve in the future. This has stuck with me my whole life!

When you went to college, did you end up with the same major you started with?

Yes! I completed a bachelor of science in nutrition, which was my plan from the beginning. However, I did change career paths after college when I completed my master;s degree in health informatics. I discovered I had a great love for data!

What drew you to work at Achieve?

I was really moved by the mission statement and working for an organization that helps break down barriers for students. Being a first-generation immigrant, I know programs like the ones offered at Achieve are vital to helping students with career and college readiness.

What do you like most about working at AchieveMpls so far?

How passionate people are about the work that they do: people genuinely want to make a change and help people!