March 10 2021

Meet Diane Pokam, Our New Accounting Clerk

Diane Pokam

We enjoy celebrating our new staff members and are delighted to introduce Diane Pokam. Diane recently arrived in the U.S. and is a welcome addition to our operations team. She brings experience as the senior financial accountant at Advans Microfinance Network, a banking firm based in France with eight branches in Asia and Africa. 

As our accounting clerk, Diane supports our finance team's day-to-day operations (including processing payroll - thank you, Diane!). We asked her to share some stories about her life, her favorite memories from school and what she enjoys most about working at AchieveMpls:

When you were a young person, what's some good advice  you received that shaped your life?​

Going to school and being educated will not necessarily make you wealthy. There are many wealthy people who never went to school!

What is one of your best memories from your school days?

I have a lot of wonderful memories from my life as a student: my first kiss, parties with friends during holidays and the presence of almost all of my classmates at my father’s funeral.

Who was your favorite teacher or school staff member?

My chemistry teacher. He was just funny: he had a tiny voice and students had a good time imitating his unique voice and mannerisms.

What activities did you participate in during your high school years?

I loved to dance in high school, so that was the main activity I participated in as a student.

If you could have lunch with any person, dead or living, who would it be?

My late father. I would love to get more advice from him and tell him how much I admired him as a man (and as a human being). I would love to be able to share that I named my son after him as a way to honor his legacy and keep his memory alive.

What do you like most about working at AchieveMpls (so far)?

I really love our monthly all staff meetings. We have really fun ice breakers, which help me to get to know the staff, especially since we're all working from home!

Learn more about Diane on her staff page.