June 17 2021

Meet Sarah Blouin, our new Career & College Coordinator at Longfellow High and FAIR School

Sarah Blouin at Penn State game

So many welcomes to Sarah Blouin, who has joined our Career & College Center team as the new coordinator for both Longfellow Alternative High School and The FAIR High School for Arts! Sarah brings many years of youth advocacy experience to AchieveMpls, most recently in her work with transition aged (18-21) students, which focused on employment services.

Sarah works one-on-one with students at these two high schools to help them explore their career passions, find their best postsecondary options, complete the FAFSA, apply for financial aid, and connect with other resource as they prepare for life after high school.

We asked her to share some insights into her life as a young student, her favorite memories from school and what she enjoys about working at AchieveMpls:

What is your best memory from your senior year in high school?

By the time I was a senior, I was ready to be done with the whole thing! I only took two classes at my high school that year, with most of my time spent at Normandale Community College as a PSEO student. That experience really helped with my transition to being a full-time college student. I did miss my friends, however, so I would eat lunch and participate in extra curricular activities at my high school. In the end, graduation was really THE memorable moment because it was the official “send off” with my friends and family.

What was your favorite activity during your summer breaks?

As the youngest child in my family, it was all about how much I could hang out with my older siblings before being sent home. From middle school I have fond memories of neighborhood “night games” where we would play games like hide-and-seek, kick the can and capture the flag in the dark!

What was your very first job as a young person?

I worked various retail jobs. My first paycheck job was at Gap and Gap Kids. I really enjoyed getting to know customers and helping them find products or solutions to problems. I have carried those skills with me into my work in schools. I strive to learn as much as I can about the schools, students, staff and community organizations so I can best serve students in reaching their goals by making appropriate connections and offering multiple pathways forward.

What do you like most about working at AchieveMpls (so far)?

The people! I have been welcomed and welcomed and welcomed! Each team I work with has generously paused to welcome and help me understand my new role. Moreover, staff commitment to students is evident and their passions for social justice and improving our futures.