MPS Staff: Access Your School Fund

Here's how you can deposit donations and request payments from your fund.

Deposit donations to your MPS fund


Mail checks to Achieve Twin Cities

Achieve is authorized to deposit checks made out to individual MPS schools or the district. If checks are made out to Achieve Twin Cities, specify on the deposit form which school or department the checks are intended for.

Mail with deposit form to Achieve Twin Cities, 404 South 8th Street
Suite 105, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

Note: Achieve can only accept donations.

Download deposit form


Bring cash to the Achieve office in person

Make an appointment to bring cash to the Achieve office.

Our office is hybrid and open by appointment only. Contact our team to schedule a drop-off.

Note: Achieve can only accept donations.

Download deposit form


Make an online gift

Make a secure online gift to MPS, designating the name of the school or department in the donation form.

Note: Achieve can only accept donations.

Donate to mps

Other gifts

Contact the Achieve team

For stock, planned gifts or other donations, reach out to our Achieve Twin Cities development staff for guidance.

Contact our team

Access your MPS fund


Complete MPS fund request form

All requests for funds must be at least $250, due to the high volume of MPS fund activity and limited staff capacity to process requests.

Complete the MPS fund request form and all required documentation. Be sure to include invoice or receipt information on the form.

Download fund request form 


Gather required signatures

Make sure you have secured signatures from the person requesting the check, the school principal or other leader authorized to approve the request, and the finance clerk who is signing off on the request. 


Submit form and docs to MPS finance department

After the MPS fund form is completed and all documentation and signatures have been gathered, scan all of these documents into one PDF document and email to the MPS finance department for approval.

Email your documents to MPS Finance.


MPS sends approval to Achieve Twin Cities

After we receive approval from MPS, we will process your request. Processing will be delayed if the form does not have all required documents or MPS approval.


Achieve Twin Cities issues check

Achieve will mail out the check within 10 days of receiving approval from MPS.

Fund request form questions?

For more information on fund request forms only, contact our Achieve Twin Cities finance team.

Other fund questions?

For other questions about school or department funds, read our MPS funds overview document below or contact our finance team.

Please note that Achieve provides quarterly fund balance reports to fund managers from each school or department.