June 2 2020

New MPS Student Support Fund Provides Basic Needs and Social-Emotional Resources for Students

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In response to our community’s overwhelming desire to support young people during the extreme disruption following the police murder of George Floyd, AchieveMpls and Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) have created the new MPS Student Support Fund to provide for the safety, care and social-emotional well-being of students.

This new district-wide fund does not supplant any existing MPS funding or programming and is not part of the MPS general fund. Rather, it expands support and provides a focused opportunity for individual community members to make donations that directly benefit MPS students.

Donations to this new fund will be available immediately for a wide variety of student support, including but not limited to:

  • Basic needs support
  • Counseling support
  • School safety resources
  • Restorative practices training
  • Circle Keepers support
  • Student and staff projects to strengthen school communities

“We’re honored to create this new fund in partnership with MPS,” says AchieveMpls President and CEO Danielle Grant. “The senseless killing of George Floyd and the tumult happening in our communities as a result have left so many students traumatized and so many families struggling with access to basic needs and services. This new support fund will direct resources where they are needed most. We’re so moved by the tremendous outpouring of love and concern we're seeing for our young people."

Fund allocations will be determined by MPS staff who work closely with students and families and are well-versed in the basic needs and emotional support needs of young people.

We invite you to make a generous online gift at www.achievempls.org/support-mps-fund. Please indicate “MPS Student Support Fund” in the designation field. AchieveMpls receives no fees for these donations. For more information or assistance, contact mpsinquiries@achievempls.org.

Thank you in advance for supporting our young people!

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