May 10 2016

Thanks to My Graduation Coaches

by Bonsa, Edison High Class of '16

Graduation coaches and student

When I was a junior at Edison I joined the Graduation Coaches program and was connected with two great coaches, Bill and Laysha. They were my calendar, they were my alarm, they kept me on task not only academically but also socially.

They followed up with me via email when I had difficulties working through the college application and scholarship processes, and they contacted the scholarship staff to make sure everything was on track. When junior year ended we decided to work together again during my senior year.

With support from Bill and Laysha I improved on my weaknesses. I learned how to communicate effectively to make friends. I also learned that it’s important to give it back to the community like they are doing. And I applied to and was accepted at Augsburg College, where I'm now a first year student.

The Graduation Coaches program benefits students in several ways. High school can be frustrating, and we need someone to push us, to build in us patience when we face bumps and hills so that we can bounce back.

We need someone like Laysha and Bill to build persistence in us. I am extremely honored to have them as my mentors. 

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